Sophia Circle Journeys™

Join me on a 13 circle journey to embody your higher self through the sacred teachings of The Sophia Code®.

Join me on a 13 circle journey to embody your higher self through the sacred teachings of The Sophia Code™.

In this activating journey into the heart of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness we will open to receive more of ourselves by releasing outdated programs, beliefs, patterns that are not in alignment with our Sovereign Divine Nature.

Each circle consists of:

  • Invocation and prayer
  • Water blessings
  • Group reading
  • Journaling and sharing
  • Higher self activations
  • Quantum upgrades
  • Connection and community
  • Sacred and safe space.

I invite you to fly with me into the vista of your own sovereign divinity.

Isis page 65. The Sophia Code. 

I am so honored to be part of the Sophia Circle with Dana again. The last 13 months have been amazing and the transformation so much deeper than we could imagine.
Thank you Dana for being the loving guide for our journey. You create a beautiful and safe space for us to grow in every way. You are an amazing woman and mentor! ❤️🌟🌹



Are the circles in person or zoom?


Do I have to have read the Sophia code prior to the circle journey?

It’s not a requirement to have read the book. We dive into each chapter on our 13 circle journey.

How long is one circle?

2 hours per circle.

Is it a small or large group setting?

A smaller group setting which creates a safe and intimate space.

How can I learn more about Sophia circle journeys?

To learn more, I offer a 15 minute exploratory call to see if the Sophia Circle journey is right for you.

We can either do a phone call or a zoom person to person call.

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