Soul Empowerment

When you’re ready for 1:1 support in your soul journey, let’s connect and talk about soul empowerment sessions.

Each session is a unique blending of Akashic Record wisdom combined with clearing and healing activations, to bring you into a greater level of Self Empowerment and Soul Growth. 

Each session is a healing experience through:

  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Sound Healing
  • DNA healing
  • Quantum Upgrades
  • Lightbody Expansion, and
  • Letting go of outdated beliefs, behaviors, and programs that are not in alignment with your highest self, soul purpose, and intuition.

I really want to tell you how much I love you and truly appreciate everything you have brought to my life and how much your support means to me…. And how happy I am for all the amazingness that you have in your life 



Hey Dana,  I’m doing really good! Its crazy how light I have been feeling since I left your house.  I played my guitar for hours which I hadn’t done in so long and I woke up yesterday and today so happy.
I just feel like I have been given a boost of energy if that makes sense.
I’m so thankful and grateful to you! I feel like I’m on a new path.
I don’t think words quite do justice to how I am feeling .. but its all good!


What is soul empowerment?

A soul empowerment session aligns you with your unique soul frequency so that you are able to navigate life’s challenges and learning experiences with inner empowerment, strength and a sense of peace and clarity.

What is the investment of a soul empowerment session?

Investment in yourself – 75 min = $144 .

Is the session done laying down?

The session will include a conversation about why you are here as well as what intentions and energies are present to be cleared and opened into. The healing portion will be done on a massage table laying down. If that is uncomfortable, we can work seated. It’s a vibrational experience and some people feel the shifts strongly while others feel relaxed and at peace. So not matter what, you will be receiving quantum healing.


“When we embody love we are the most powerful being in the universe.”

~Emmanuel Dagher

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