Soul Empowerment

When you’re ready for 1:1 support in your soul journey, let’s connect and talk about soul empowerment sessions.

Each session is a unique Akashic Record Soul Reading bringing through wisdom, healing and deeper awareness of your soul path.

Each session is a healing experience through:

  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Sound Healing
  • Light Language
  • DNA Healing
  • Quantum Upgrades
  • Lightbody Expansion, and
  • Letting go of outdated beliefs, behaviors, and programs that are not in alignment with your highest self, soul purpose, and intuition.
Akashic Records are living libraries of information  held within the quantum field. A blueprint of your soul. Your soul has recorded all of your past, present a possible future lives, which can be accessed for personal growth and healing empowerment. The Akashic Records are pure love, wisdom and intelligence. 
I offer 1:1 private sessions. 
These sessions are a blend of intuitive guidance, energetic clearings along with physical and emotional healing. Each tailored to where you are in the moment and what you are wanting to heal and clear within yourself to access and align with your higher self and soul essence embodied. 
Coming from years of experience on my own healing journey, I have found extreme guidance and wisdom from the Akashic Records which have offered me so much valuable information, healing and guidance for how to heal past behaviors and self limiting thoughts and beliefs. 
I have deep understanding and compassion for each persons journey. I offer a safe, grounded, loving, non judgmental and easy going perspective.  My passion is to be a support for you to feel whole and empowered in your own body, heart, mind and soul. 
Private sessions are 60mins through Zoom 
Dana is an incredible Soul Embodiment Facilitator with all her amazing abilities, gifts and talents.  Her Akashic Sessions are fantastic, Soul nourishing, empowering and overall leaving me with a deeper connection to the Divine, a state of strength, peace and grace.  So stoked to see the Amazing Ways your Light is expanding and touching the Hearts and Souls of so many! 
DS~ Florida.

I really want to tell you how much I love you and truly appreciate everything you have brought to my life and how much your support means to me…. And how happy I am for all the amazingness that you have in your life 



Hey Dana,  I’m doing really good! Its crazy how light I have been feeling since I left your house.  I played my guitar for hours which I hadn’t done in so long and I woke up yesterday and today so happy.
I just feel like I have been given a boost of energy if that makes sense.
I’m so thankful and grateful to you! I feel like I’m on a new path.
I don’t think words quite do justice to how I am feeling .. but its all good!

“When we embody love we are the most powerful being in the universe.”

~Emmanuel Dagher

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